Wednesday, April 23, 2008

EAL Herald Closed

Because of the stymied growth from EAL and the lack of communication between players and devs, the EAL Herald has decided to shut down operations. We feel that EAL is on the end of it's rope and there's no where else to go but down.

We would like to thank all of the hundreds of people who visited our site daily and we hope to see you again someday.

EAL Staff


Anonymous said...

You nailed that one on the head!!! Good bye EA-Land

Leilani said...

I felt the same about a month ago, which is how long it's been since I logged in. When I finally did log in to EA Land, I saw that it was shutting down! Not that I was surprised... Anyways, here's some simmie alternatives for everyone out there: (best of the 3)

I went by Leilani in EAL. Bye to all!

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