Monday, March 10, 2008

Famously Infamous: An Interview w/ the Bradley's

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Mrs Ophelia Bradley and Mrs Fiona Bradley of the well known Bradley family. I asked them about their history in TSO and their plans for the future in EAL. They had very interesting answers to the questions.

EALH: How did the Bradley's get their start in TSO?

Mrs Ophelia Bradley: "Well... we started by doing a few other things. We got aggravated with the AVG. It was just.. you know, stupid.
Mrs Fiona Bradley: "Formality in a game, bad idea."
OB: "So we decided to start a counter to that - Operation Opposition."
FB: "Thus, the Royal Opposition was formed."

EALH: Bradley is a well known name in TSO, why do you think that is?

OB: "Originally when we started to play, we decided on Bradley. It kind of went in hand with us from then on. I think that it's infamous because of thing that have happened.. And it's always been a very respectable name in the game."
FB: "People just...know us."

EALH: Do you think people's perception of the Bradley's being griefers is misconstrued?

FB: "Sean, I would go as far to say it is outrageous. We have always been in The Sims Online to help others."
OB: "That's really an unknown fact."
FB: "Some people see it the other way unfortunately."
OB: "People dont like to make newspaper articles about how we help the game and love to help people."
FB: "If you ask some of the veterans of Alphaville, those who dont play anymore, most would say they loved us."

EALH: An example of how you help the game and people?

OB: "Well Sean.."
OB: "Im sure you have been to several of our properties throughout our lifetime. We use to give out money by the boatloads. Just recently, we gave out sex."
FB: "We actually had a boat once"
OB: "I was going to say that Fiona. Thanks dear"
OB: "Do you remember our house boat, Sean?"

EALH: Hm, can't remember.

OB: "We gave free cruises away all of the time."
FB: "Sean, let me ask yo a question. What is your fondest memory or our family?"

EALH: Well I dont think I ever really interacted with the family back then. I just knew of you.

OB: "Im sure some of your friends interacted with us, however."


EALH: What are the Bradley's up to today in EAL?

FB: "Well, actually we have exciting news. Mother has just received word she has been appointed President of the USG!"
OB: "Isn't that fantastic, Sean?"

EALH: Yes. Where have you heard that from?

OB: "It's all across the news."
FB: "MSN most recently reported it. We really want to change EAL."
OB: "The voter that I campaigned in front of told me they were tired of Mr Sim and Jack...the"self-appointed."
FB: "It seems that to be in a position in USG, you just have to think of a clever name! Be honest Sean, how ridiculous are those police officers? They aren't even roommates!"
OB: "I like how Jason Sim is also his secret service agent"

EALH: True mostly new sims. But you are President of USG cant you change that?

OB: "Ofcourse"
FB: "Have you seen the Star Wars trilogy, Sean?"
OB: "That's why you see some people living in this house that arent Bradley's. We are here for the people, Sean. You know that."
FB: "Mother will have royal imperial guards guarding her, not Secret Service agents!"
OB: "And to top it off.. I wont play as President and Secret Service Agents, like Mr Sim."

EALH: Do any of you have anything to add?

OB: "I would like to add.. I want to thank all the sims that voted for me as President. I want to invite everyone to the Capitol.. and.. I want to give Mr McKinley-Sim and Mr Whiterstien a message.. They know who runs this town..and if they aren't careful, they wont be in this town. Fiona do you need to add anything?"
FB: "Very profound mother. Yes. I want to send this message to all those who really arent familiar with us. We are a family that has earned its reputations through our trust. We encourage all of the newbies to experience us, first-hand. That is all.

EALH: Ok. Thank you both for letting me have this interview :)

Correction: EA Land Herald checked with the United Sims Government Founders and discovered that contrary to our interviewee's response, the the USG has not yet held elections. The USG Interim President is still Jack Whiterstien. They also add that elections will take place once all cities have merged.

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