Friday, June 20, 2008

TirNua Times?

Since we've closed we've had a good amount of traffic from those who didn't know EAL is closing or are just checking up for any new happenings. I'm glad that you may still come to this site for news, but there's been no big news stories in a while. Until now...

On June 5, 2008, Luc introduces us to TirNua, a new MMO game being developed by himself and many of the old TSO-e team. You may even remember their names:Audrey, Cort, Greg, Larry, Laurent, Lee, Margaret, Sarah . They've shown their compassion and love for making games in the TSO/EAL days, now they're making TirNua from the ground up and want your input! They'll be updating their blog constantly(so they say) to get input from gamers on different aspects of the game.

One aspect that Luc already revealed, and may be a big one, is enviroment.
"As some of you have already guessed from just the lovely image above, one subject of interest in Tirnua is the environment.

Next week, when the blog opens, I will start collecting your thoughts on how we could impact our real world environment, while having fun in our virtual world."

- Luc,

We will be bringing you up-to-date news on TirNua. It is unclear whether or not we'll actually make a newspaper/blog dedicated to TirNua. Make sure you add us to your RSS feed to get the updates fast.

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