Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sim Government Possibility in EAL

With the opening of EA-Land has come an influx of new and old players returning to the game. This revitalization has many sims looking for something to do within the game world. Skilling and money objects don’t seem worth it for the time investment required to get anything out of them. To be successful with custom content you must be creative and have some know-how involving graphic design. So what is a sim to do? Start a government, that’s what!

Sims have been known for their love of drama filled, disorganized, and often times crooked governments. What causes the fascination involved with governments though? Is it the role playing, the feeling of power over others, or is it just the entertainment of ridiculous “wars” and conflicts with the mob?

No one may have better insight into this than EA-Land’s own Jack Whiterstien a veteran of the Test Center, Jolly Pines, and Alphaville Governments.

EALH: Greetings Mr. Whiterstien and thank you for allowing us time for an interview.

Jack Whiterstien: You’re very welcome. Thank you for allowing me to be here.

EALH: Where and how did you get your start in sim government?

Jack Whiterstien: Well, that would be in Test Center. I joined their army as a Ranger.

EALH: And how did you progress from there?

Jack Whiterstien: Well, I stayed with them for a few months until it started to go downhill. I started up another sim in MF and joined their government as Secretary of Defense.

EALH: Do you know what drew you to these organizations?

Jack Whiterstien: Hmm, in my earlier days in TC I had seen a house trashed. I can’t remember if it was by a mafia or not but knew that it was something that I would like to help prevent.

EALH: Do you think this feeling of public service and help is what generally brings people into a government in TSO?

Jack Whiterstien: I would say a few, but most would probably join just out of curiosity for it.

EALH: Have you tried to contact any previously involved high ranking government members to see what interest they might have?

Jack Whiterstien: I’ve spoken with a few from my time in the Jolly Pines Republic. One had sent me a message when I got on today.

EALH: What would be your intentions or goals for a government in EA-Land? Would it be for entertainment or would its purpose be a more noble endeavor?

Jack Whiterstien: I would like to see something that people can get behind and unify EA-Land. I hope for participation from every city in EA-Land. I would like it to be something people can have fun in but at the same time can have a serious role in helping others.

EALH: Thank you for your time Mr. Whiterstien and the EA Land Herald would like to wish you the best in your endeavors.

Jack Whiterstien: Thank you for this opportunity

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