Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hot Lot: Jolly Pines Police

On my daily stroll of EA Land I unexpectedly stumbled upon a Police station. While most people would quickly turn and run, I bravely entered the unknown. To my surprise, the Jolly Pine Police station was actually quite pleasant. Officer Peglin, the owner, was quick to greet me and let me know that HC was up in the cafe (Yes, cafe). As I looked around at the cold dungeness cells I was reminded of my simmy's troubled adolescent years (I was holding those for a friend, officer!).

I also noticed that Officer Peglin was generous and helpful to those coming in and out. After looking at the great creativity of the house's design and the helpfulness owner and roomies, I knew that this was a hot lot!

I got a chance to sit down with UPD Chief Officer Peglin for an interview about the police station and the whole idea behind the police.

EA Land Herald: What was your reason for starting the Jolly Pines Police?

Officer Peglin: The UPD (Utopian Police Department) was established back in 2003 I believe, in Jolly Pines. It was started to maintain peace between mafia families. Crime as decreased extremely and now we are just around for general help and awareness.

EALH: Does it have the same functions today?

Officer Peglin: In EA Land, there are currently no mafia families that have been brought to my attention as a threat. But I do believe we are still helpful with general awareness

EALH: Does the UPD also deal with griefers and scammers?

Officer Peglin: There is not much we can do physically. But we plan on having information on scamming, who to look out for. And how to report it.

EALH: What kind of services do you offer at the Police station?

Officer Peglin: Groups are able to hold meetings at our Station. We also offer Call in services, If you have an emergency, call an officer and we will see what we can do to help.

EALH: Do you enforce any laws, or just try to keep the peace?

Officer Peglin: I have know real ability over anyone else. I just like to try and keep the peace.

EALH: What do you say to those who automatically see you as someone trying to take over and enforce?

Officer Peglin: Um, I would say that its obvious that I have no intentions of no such thing, and if I ever felt that I was out of line. I gladly get back to my boundries.

EALH: Have you ever encountered those who see you like that?

Officer Peglin: Not yet. I believe everyone see's it as role playing. If they do not like it. They Don't pay attention to Us.

EALH: What feature would you like to see in TSO in the future?

Officer Peglin: I would love to see exciting things that apply to each lot catagory, that will help people populate more than just Money and skill lots.

EALH: Thank you officer for this interview

Officer Peglin: No. Thank you!

Check out this Hot Lot located in Jolly Pines, EA Land!

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