Sunday, March 16, 2008

Master In the Art: An Interview w/ Thrill

We were first introduced to Thrill through the TSO-e website. He was the one responsible for publishing the helpful custom content tutorials and taking hundreds of sims step-by-step through the CC process. He was then recognized again by TSO-e because of his clever 'Car Chairs' that he uploaded. Now he's being dubbed the "Top Earning Sim in EA-Land". Thrill seems to be aiming for the stars and there's no one in the way to stop him. We wanted to get an interview with Thrill and talk about his success and his future. With so many acclamations from TSO-e and the TSO community I'm sure he wouldnt mind us calling him a Master in the Arts.

Thrill: hi Xander
EALH: Hello Thrill

EALH: How did you get your start in customizing Sims objects?

Thrill: well, i first started customizing Sims objects a few months ago, when Luc mentioned on his blog that he will allow us to upload those files

EALH: So prior to his announcement you had no experience in customizing sims objects?

Thrill: correct, i never did any customizing before that

EALH: I take it that it was easy to pick up? seeing how far you got today

Thrill: yeah, once you understand how the items work, it easy to make your own unique items

EALH: What made you want to make customizing a sim career?

Thrill: I had look forward to doing this since Luc first appeared again in TSO and offered to included custom content. At that time, I had been looking for a game to express my creativity online.
Thrill: *include

EALH: So I take it that expressing yourself drives you to create items?

Thrill: yeah, pretty much. Plus the challenge of creating new items that other sims find interesting and can add to their enjoyment

EALH: What's your favorite creation so far?

Thrill: i like the Tree Swing so far
Thrill: i'm looking forward to scripting it to make it move

EALH: Do you have experience in scripting?
Thrill: I'm a programmer in rl...
Thrill: and have done some UI work for Warcarft and scripting in Second Life

EALH: wow, so you pretty much know what you're doing

Thrill: pretty much, but everything has a certain learning curve to it
Thrill: dont mean that to sound arrogant lol.. cause i'm sure i'm not nearly as good as many others are at scripting

EALH: You said you played Second Life, how does TSO and SL differ on the creation of items? Is one easier than the other?

Thrill: TSO and SL are very different, SL has it's own in game tools where TSO you really on outside programs like 3D Studio Max and Photoshop
Thrill: *rely

EALH: What other CC uploader do you admire the most?

Thrill: there alot of CC creators that are doing cool things, some of my favorite so far are Toby Maxwell, Harley Ryder, and CntryGirl

EALH: Do you find yourself competing to create the "next big thing"? I'm sure the car chairs were a hit
Thrill: ah, yes and no... Thrill: i'm not really trying to compete with any of the other CC creators,..
Thrill: but I do try to "compete" with myself to continually try and create better objects
Thrill: I encourage all CC creators to make the best objects they can, and offer my if they get stuck. And also provide tutorials to aide with those who want to learn more

Thrill: *help

EALH: After being recognized by the TSO-e team several times do you believe the extra popularity helps your business?
Thrill: i think it has
Thrill: i find people like to stop by our shop to see what new objects we have to offer

EALH: What are your future plans for TSO?
Thrill: so far it is to just keep up with the new CC items that Maxis will allow us to create
Thrill: and try to make items that everyone will enjoy

EALH: Which future TSO feature do you look forward to the most?
Thrill: i look forward to the Scripting the most
Thrill: followed by Animations

EALH: Which current object do you look forward to the most for adding animation?

Thrill: probably sculptures, with that we can make cool fountains or aquarium type objects

EALH: I look forward to them

EALH: Thank you Thrill for letting us interview you
Thrill: ty Xander, I'm glad you had me to interview

Note: This was a "Flashback Article". Because of the recent move from one site to this one, we left behind a few articles. We still want those articles to be viewed so we're bringing them back. A few details in this article may seem irrelative or wrong. Please note that this article is old.

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