Monday, March 10, 2008

USG White House Releases Statement Regarding Bradleys

In response to the recent article posted here on the Blog and recent skepticism surrounding the Bradley Family and the "USG Capitol", the United Sims Government has come out with an official Press Release.

"To all Citisims,

The United Sims Government is aimed at protecting all of EA Land's citisims. In recent time, local residents have filed complaints of the property in EA Land known as, "The USG Capitol." The building run by "President Bradley" is a fake. Although our offices have been initially flattered by the imitations, we in this case are not. The imitating property is NOT affiliated with USG nor is its owner, President Bradley.

We warn all citisims not to enter this property due to numerous scamming concerns. We take our reputation and safety of EA Land's citisims seriously. Therefore we ask citisims to report any suspicious activity to the Police Department. If you have been scammed, know someone who has been scammed, or have any concerns please contact, Commissioner Peglin, head of the USG Police.

In regards to who are members of the United Sims Government and those who are not, please visit our website at, or visit us at the USG White House, located under the Welcome Category. Thank you and we hope you have a pleasant, safe, and a fun day in EA Land. Happy Simming!

- Alexander Hayes, Director of Community Affairs.
- United Sims Government White House."

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