Thursday, March 6, 2008

Street Fair a Success

Starting around 3pm PST yesterday the EA Town Hall opened but not for the usual question and answer session. No, it opened for its first ever Street Fair. This Street Fair, presumably to be followed by several more, was to provide a quick and easy way for procrastinating sims to find matching laval cards with Parizad’s help.

Parizad began by putting out her inventory of cards and from there the trading happened naturally.

During the trading frenzy, Parizad did have this to say in regards to sims worrying about accidentally trading away rare lava cards.

If that is the case, this reporter has one question. What exactly is the point of rare lava cards?

1 comment:

Blazer said...

I think they made some cards rare for those of us who are obsessed with having something others don't have. Though it would have been nice if we got a special color in our lava lamp for having a rare set of cards.
Also for those stores/sims selling rare cards - they could sell them for more $$$.
I think the devs were trying to make the cards like baseball cards - some are just worth more than others becuz they're more rare

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