Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Founder & The Lamp

If you don't already know, TSO-e (Dev team) started a mini-game for founders. It's called the Groovy Lava Game.

It's very simple to play: Your oldest EAL Founder will receive two puzzle pieces in their inventory, you have to buy/trade/barter for an identical pair, and you wait til maintenance on the day that that round is over with for the next puzzle pieces.

<- Identical Puzzle Pieces. More Here.

Each week the contest will get harder and harder. But your prize will be a lava lamp that will forever display the color of the puzzle you solved.

Now for a quick Q&A:

Will all my sims get the puzzle pieces?
No. Only your oldest sim in EAL will get the pieces.

Can I play the game even though I'm not a subscriber?
Yes. Everyone is allowed to play, even sims that don't receive the puzzle pieces from EA.

Is it possible to win each color of the Lava Lamp?
Yes. You can win all the colors ranging from white to rainbow!

I live in Interhogan, can I still play?
Absolutely. Remember, IH and all other "legacy cities" are now known as EA Land. TC3 is the only city not in EAL.

I'm a EAL Founder but I'm homeless, can I still play?
Yes. You don't have to have a lot to play the game. You can simply have your identical pieces in your inventory at the time of maintenance.

Tip: Go to a store and see if they're doing free match trading.

If you have anymore Q's just comment. Good Luck!

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