Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Insider - EA Town Hall Meeting 1/28

Parizad gave a lot of good hints and clues of what to expect to see in the future on TSO. She commented on the merge saying it'll come "soon". She also liked a few suggestions that sims told and said she would like to see them in the game. Not only did she receive praise, but she also received some flack about the abundance of bugs and errors in EA-Land. All answers to the questions are below.

- They were able to fit over 130 sims into the EA Town Hall but only 70 actually showed in the lot. Because they'll be raising the sim limit they're also working on ways to raise the object limit to accommodate more sims.

-When asked about letting stores sell wallpapers, flooring, and build items she said "Awesome idea! I hope we can do it by the end of 2008". Hey, atleast she didn't blow the idea off.

- She confirmed that the EA-Land team will be bringing objects from ALL seven of 'The Sims' expansion packs to the game soon.

- The team is currently working on fixing the roof bug. It will go through internal testing, then TC3, and then EA-Land

- When asked about bringing aspirations with the TS2 graphics she was unsure if they would.

- Free green will be gone forever with the merges. She commented that Free Greening was an economy drain.

At the time of the meeting she gave us two interesting stats on the active population in EA-Land. She said that there were 657 sims logged into EA-Land and 14 in EJ.

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