Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Insider - EA Town Hall Meeting 1/30

This was probably the worst Town Hall meeting in a while. Throughout the whole session there were people complaining about the whole window mode and full screen mode. But we were able to get a few good answers from Parizad.

- We can expect to see Cash-Out in EA-Land withing the next month

- Bullet Train arrives 2/1 ("In theory")

- Active Sims stats: AV-110, BF-93, EAL-571,TC3-90, DC-0, FF-7, EJ-0


Also there was a TSO-e guy there named MinkzN or something. I was surpised he's even on the TSO-e team, he barely talked about TSO and didn't even know how to operate the Chat History window.

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