Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Insider - EA Town Hall Meeting 2/7

Parizad answered the same questions today that she has been answering for almost two months now. You know, the "when is the merge?", "when is the move?", "why didn't my CC get approved?", "when will male bears get creme color fur?". Between the pointless and mindless blabber we recieved a few good hints and answers at what TSO-e has in store for EAL.

- We'll be able to play more than one sim on the same account at once time. Great news for those who own more than one account, now you can save those 10 bucks and buy simoleans or something useful in real life. :D

- You wont get money from Maxis when you sell back property/lot. They will be underlining the importance of the real estate market in the new economy. The lots, like the items, also fall under the new 'Object Economy' where lot values will increase as more people buy lots and vice versa.

- We'll be able to make our own CC clothes. This was an obvious "duh", but Parizad finally confirmed it. She said how it's difficult for them to make clothes for sims and how they'll let us make them instead. Who's going to make me some MC Hammer pants? You'll have to give them to me through trade because you can't touch this!

Anyway, another informative meeting for those who couldn't or didn't want to attend. Remember we'll always be there getting the news you want and the commentary that you couldn't care less about!

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