Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Insider - Planning for the Future: Graphics

(1/24/08) EAL- Today in the EA Town Hall we got a very special visit from a TSO-e newcomer, Vishwa. Vishwa is currently on the TSO-e team working on visual appearance and new graphics slated to come to TSO. Vishwa (accompanied by Parizad) answered a good selection of questions that may be important to some of you. relax the blog was there to ask a few questions and record the answers.

The current plan is to have a mix of both TS1 graphics and TS2 graphics in TSO. There will be a TS2 specific client for those who choose to run the TS2 graphics. They also plan on having separate lots containing different graphics and specs. For example one lot can have TS1 graphics while another can have TS2 graphics. Vishwa explained that TS2 sims may be able to land and interact on TS1 lots, but doubts TS1 sims can land and interact on TS2 lots. All of these plans are being tested and no decision has been made final.

Concerning graphics, Vishwa told us that they're currently working on fixing bugs and creating an option for players to choose whether or not to upgrade their TSO visuals according to their PC specs.

Parizad mentioned that they're working to "upgrade to Direct X9 in the next month or so." An upgrade that will leave many people out in the cold because of their PCs not being powerful enough or not being up to date on hardware specs. We hope that they atleast give us the option to upgrade, if not there will be many veterans and oldies leaving the game for a short period. Atleast until they gather 50$ to upgrade their PC.

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