Thursday, February 28, 2008

We're Back!

Relax the...EAL Herald has been on a short hiatus as we settle in new writers, reorganize, and plan up for new stories. We've missed alot of new things that happened in EAL in the last few days but we'll be catching up. Look forward to stories about the huge surge of newbies & oldies and the new merges. We'll also have a new Insider story posted by this Friday. I'm currently working on the Special Report for March.

We would also like to introduce our newest Staff Writer, Myth! She has a story coming up soon about a hot lot in EAL. Stay tuned for more news!

Also! We're still looking for Staff Writers and Freeland Writers for the newspaper and the SimsWeekly Magazine! Staff Writers get a weekly salary plus benefits while Freelance Writers get higher pay per story. Simsweekly magazine will be launching some time in March, stay tuned in to the EAL Herald for more news about that.

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